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The story behind EZ Smoker Tubes

The EZ Smoker Tube will turn your grill into a smoker for under $20.  Perfect for adding wood smoke flavor to your favorite meats. It can also be used to add supplemental smoke to any pellet grill or smoker.   

Also works great for cold smoking; cheeses, fish, spices, nuts, etc.

Our hexagonal pellet smoker tube design holds the most pellets, stays lit the best and will not roll around on your grill. 

Available in two sizes: 12" & 6".  The 12" model provides 4+ hours of smoke.  The 6" model provides 2+ hours of smoke.

Additional Info

EZ to use

The EZ Smoker Tube is very simple to use.  Check out our how to video.

How to use the EZ SMoker Tube

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We are a husband and wife company

EZ Smoker Tubes is not a big corporation, we are a small business based out of Indiana.   

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We take great pride in treating customers the way we want to be treated. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Thanks, Vince & Erin

EZ Smoker Tubes

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